Derby QUAD invests in upgraded cinema projection technology

The cinemas at Derby QUAD are a big draw for visitors, but the projection equipment was old technology and coming to the end of its working life so needed updating. Working with Arts Alliance Media (AAM) and Medialease, Derby QUAD decided to invest in new digital cinema projectors for their two main screens.

The QUAD is an international centre for engagement in contemporary art and film, based in Derby. QUAD provides an art gallery, three cinemas (two large cinemas and a smaller screening room), artists’ studios, and a café bar.

QUAD is a long-term client of AAM who provide support and digital cinema equipment for their cinemas on site. AAM are leaders in cinema technology and their cinema software solutions are designed to help exhibitors reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the cinematic experience for customers.

AAM recommended new BARCO projectors to upgrade QUAD’s facilities to 4k digital technology. AAM suggested that QUAD speak to Medialease to get finance for the project. Medialease has worked with AAM on many projects over the years and AAM are therefore happy to count on Medialease’s asset finance facilitation skills and they recommended Medialease. The asset finance requirement was quickly agreed, and the installation of the new projectors was carried out by AAM a short time later.

Since the new projectors were installed QUAD have seen thousands of visitors to the cinema. The new technology has meant they have not suffered any reliability issues from their digital projectors and that they were able to provide a much-improved viewing experience for visitors to the cinemas.

Darren Briggs, Digital Cinema Engineering Manager at Arts Alliance Media said: “The QUAD came to us to upgrade their projection systems which meant a significant investment for the venue, we suggested to consider Medialease as a finance partner to allow the project to commence. The site had great feedback on the whole purchase and as a result other similar venues can see a way forward to upgrade with the finance offerings from Medialease”

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