750mph create five new recording studios

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Broadcast and post production, Case Studies |

750mph is an award winning sound recording and post-production facility based in Soho, London. Established in 1998, 750mph create and produce sound for television, cinema, radio commercials, viral and computer games.

750mph boasts a large trophy cabinet, full of domestic and international gold and silver awards for work on IKEA, The British Army, The Guardian, Nike, Heineken, 02, Canon, BT, Audi, HSBC, Dulux, Angry Birds, Sky Movies, Lexus, VW Audi and Ladbrokes among many others.

Medialease were approached by 750mph in 2014 to assist in the finance required to re-equip their existing 5 recording studios and the building of 3 brand new studios situated in their newly acquired extended basement area. We worked very closely with 750mph to ensure their audio studio consoles and equipment were brought up to date and future proofed.

As part of the £3.5 million upgrade, Medialease helped 750mph equip three brand new basement suite studios as well as re-equipping their 5 existing studios with brand new Fairlight EVO state of the art, audio mixing consoles and recorders. Furthermore, 750 mph installed three high spec licensed Dolby cinema studios, all brand new.

750’s Technical Director and project manager, Ben Mason commented “Medialease were very helpful from the start; using them has been a straight forward, quick, simple and trouble free process.”

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