About Medialease

Medialease is a small, friendly British company dedicated to providing asset funding tailored to the needs of the broadcast and live events industries.

We have a decade’s worth of specialist knowledge and experience; packing the punch of a large company whilst retaining the personal values of a small one.

We pride ourselves in being able to crack difficult deals with perseverance and professionalism. Find Out More

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Finance Options

Flexible finance and friendly advice

Because Medialease understands how your business works, we’re ideally placed to help you identify factors affecting any finance agreement you enter into.


You might need to consider:


  • fixed or seasonal payments
  • lower or higher deposit levels
  • Shorter or longer agreement lengths
  • variable rate funding
  • how decisions will affect your finances and accounts

There’s a lot to think about; that’s why Medialease is on hand to guide you through all available options, helping you make the right decisions.


Finance options

We advise on four basic finance options:

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase

Allows you to purchase what you need


The equipment becomes legally yours once an agreed amount of monthly payments have been made (typically 36)


VAT is usually payable up-front on the full amount funded (though can sometimes be deferred for a few months)

Lease Rental

Allows you to rent what you need


After an agreed amount of monthly payments have been made, 3 options are available;


  • equipment can be returned
  • an extended rental period can be agreed
  • equipment can be sold on to a third party, with an agreed percentage of the sale proceeds coming to you

Operating Lease

Offers a different way to rent what you need


Medialease will underwrite a future value in the equipment, allowing your monthly payments to be calculated on a reduced amount


Rented equipment is treated as revenue expense, and you are charged directly to your profit and loss account.


The asset does not appear on your balance sheet.


Companies may have unencumbered assets (those owned outright)


The value of these assets could potentially be used to raise cash to purchase further assets

Medialease can offer impartial advice on the above, along with software finance, vendor / receivables finance, short term funding and invoice discounting / factoring. Get in touch now – there’s no hard sell or obligations; just clear, comprehensive advice.