About Medialease

Medialease is a small, friendly British company dedicated to providing asset funding tailored to the needs of the broadcast and live events industries.

We have a decade’s worth of specialist knowledge and experience; packing the punch of a large company whilst retaining the personal values of a small one.

We pride ourselves in being able to crack difficult deals with perseverance and professionalism. Find Out More

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Broadcast and Post

Where It All Began

Medialease was founded in the late 1990’s to help companies locate financing options for broadcast and post-production equipment. We’ve evolved alongside the industry and its equipment, keeping abreast of technological advances and market changes in order to ensure that our services and knowledge are always current and relevant.


As specialist financiers to the broadcast and post-production sector, we understand


  • the potential uses of the equipment you’re looking for
  • how essential this equipment is to the success of your business
  • how quickly technology can advance in the industry
  • the way your industry works

We enjoy close relationships with many of the industry’s major equipment suppliers and manufacturers, giving us access to knowledge, new products and fantastic deals that you won’t find anywhere else.


Whether securing funding for a small edit suite for a boutique start-up or a fully equipped outside broadcast truck for a large company, we treat all clients professionally and equally.


Why not find out for yourself how our experience and expertise can benefit your business? Call us today for an informal chat.

Why Use Asset Finance?

    1. More often than not you can claim back the full cost of the lease as a trading expense.


    1. For tax you are considered the owner of the asset. This means you are eligible to claim capital allowance tax.


    1. Cash flow is easier to forecast because payments are regular and are a set, agreed, amount.


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